Dr Stavroula Tsirmpa

Dr Angeliki Kalliontzi has been my homeopathic doctor for 2 years, treating my chronic rhinitis and recently initial symptoms of menopause. I have seen great improvement with both conditions and in the case of rhinitis the elimination of symptoms after having suffered with it for years. Angeliki's approach is multifaceted and holistic. I fully recomend Angeliki, for the treatment of chronic and acute conditions.


Dr Angeliki Kalliontzi has been my homeopath for over 3 years now and has helped me to bring under control my eczema and hay fever, both of which I have suffered from since childhood. Being a fully-qualified doctor and pathologist, Angela gives me total confidence and I am so grateful for the care she gives me. Thanks to her I have stopped using any cortisone-based creams and no longer need to take anti-histamine tablets. I believe that the treatment she has given me has also greatly helped with the menopause, as my symptoms are incredibly mild compared to what I was expecting


Dr Angeliki Kalliontzi has been treating me for nearly a year now and I have seen some great improvements in my symptoms, she has also been treating my son successfully for his allergies.She is extremely dedicated and professional, I would definitely recommend her services.

Meena G.

On Sunday I took my second tablet. Overall I am feeling good. It was a great and happy day full of energy. No emotional depressive feelings of my past. My past symptoms have disappeared . I am feeling light and relaxed.


Argyro Filiou

Dr Kaliontzi has been consulting our family for the past 6 years. She has helped me with my recurring sinusitis and my general health by strengthening my immune system. She has identified factors that trigger reactions with my digestive system and has guided me to a better health overall. She has helped my husband with his cold sores, to the point that he rarely gets any anymore. She has also supported my son with his allergic rhinitis and with every cold/ childhood illness he has been through. She is very thorough and professional, always follows up to find out how the treatment goes. A great doctor combining the knowledge of classical medicine and the holistic approach of homeopathy

Ashwinil Patel

Dr . Kalliontzi  helped me overall. My experience is positive in so much
as my case was a complex one. I have improved a lot . I can lift my hand
right up and  strength improved in almost back to normal.