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To prepare the remedy you will need.

1) A 150 ml amber colour glass bottle.

2) Distilled water .

3) A stainless steel teaspoon.

4) A clean glass

  • Rinse both the spoon and glass before use to be sure no soap residue is present and then dry with a paper towel.

  • Place one pellet of the remedy in the bottle . Do it slowly. You may want to pour the pellet into the dry spoon first and then into the bottle to avoid getting too many pellets in the bottle. Never touch the remedy pellets with your hands.

  • Put 120 ml of distilled water in the bottle.

  • Firmly tap the bottle on the heel of your palm 5 times.

  • Take one teaspoon of the solution from the bottle and put it in the glass.

  • Add 120 ml of distilled water .Stir briskly.

  • Take only one teaspoon from the glass and place it in your mouth under the tongue if possible ,holding it there for a moment before swallowing.

  • Discard the remainder of the solution left in the glass.

  • Save the remedy solution that is left in the bottle.

  • Keep the bottle out of the direct sunlight, extremes of heat or cold, strong odours, EMF.

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